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I had rotator cuff surgery on March 3. Lucky, yes, because I was back at work within only a few days. My income didn’t skip a beat. That’s because I have a pretty cushy job. I pretty much talk insurance and investments, and type. But what if my income depended on, say driving a truck, welding, working cattle….you get the picture. Believe me, it wouldn’t happen. It’s been six weeks and I can’t put anything heavier than a pencil on a top shelf. I would have ZERO INCOME. I would be OK for a while, but what if I had a stroke or another heart attack. I would be out of business for some time, maybe forever. That is why we all should protect our most important asset, which is ourselves, especially if others depend on us. It’s easy and relatively inexpensive. We call it “Income Replacement Plans”. It comes in a variety of forms, short term, long term, on the job, off the job, and more. But believe me, a good income replacement plan ranks right up there with important things we should protect. For example if I could only budget an income Protection plan or a Dental plan I would choose the income protection. 
                                                                      - Len
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